When you visit…

On an average Sunday at Hilmar First Baptist Church, you can find parking all around the church buildings. We work with our neighbors to provide as many parking spots as possible. 2 guest parking spots are located on the outside of the parking lot on the church property.
As you walk up to the church, you can join us in our Coffee Bar at 9:30 AM for coffee and pastries. You can find our Coffee Bar in our Fellowship Hall building. 
We meet in the Sanctuary for a contemporary-style worship service at 10:00 AM. The music we sing can be heard on Christian radio stations today. After the music portion of our worship service, children aged 3 – 3rd grade are excused to Children’s Church, located in the Fellowship Hall. All of our amazing volunteers have been fingerprinted and love to teach children about Jesus! Our Pastor, Jeff Souza, teaches different topics every week. He uses one main point and then several “life lessons” that the Bible teaches on the topic. 
The last portion of our worship service is Tithes and Offerings. This is a time for us to give back a portion of what God has given to us. Please do not feel obligated to give. 
Following our Worship Service we offer Bible study at 11:00 AM for ALL ages. 
People are dressed in a variety of ways on Sundays – from their Sunday Best to jeans and a T-shirt. Please feel free to dress formally or as casually as you see fit. We look forward to worshiping with you soon!